Magical Power Mako L5BAND Album.
life is beautuful" 2 CD set.
I was in charge of the front cover photo.

Born and raised in Kawachinagano City, Osaka Prefecture in 1983
After graduating from junior high school, he went on to a fashion college, but dropped out due to family circumstances.
From the age of 17, he has been in society for automobile sheet metal maintenance, bakeries, electronic parts manufacturing companies, etc.
Experience a number of jobs.
In 2016, I met Mr. Katsu Ishida of SYSTEMA GALLERY.
Started activities mainly overseas as a spherical photographer and electric modeling artist

ーーHow I got into the art world.ーー

I’m currently working as a photographer, but originally I hated photography.

My dad loves photography, and I feel embarrassed to see him holding a camera and taking pictures if anything happens.
I spent my childhood feeling disgusted with being photographed.

However, blood is uncontested, and when I realized it, I naturally started taking pictures with my camera.
Originally, I only took snapshots that didn’t even make me a hobby.

At the exhibition
From a word that met Katsu Ishida and said, “You should also make an art work."
Creative activity has begun.

ーーAbout my art workーー

As the theme of my work

Connections, the world i can see, vessels and souls, light and sounds, spheres

Is the main axis.

Originally there was a time when I was using a single-lens reflex camera
I threw it away because it would look different from the world I see.

The world I see seems to be different from the world everyone sees.
Among them, the spherical camera was the one that could shoot the closest to the world I could see.

The world looks round and small, it looks like it’s depressed in a hole, and the space looks abnormally wide.
Losing the sense of distance, not understanding the meaning of straight lines, this is the world I see.

Later, I learned that there is a disease called Alice Syndrome in the world.
What I see is like that world.

I like music and wanted to aim for that world
I gave up because I couldn’t make a rhythm together because the speed of experience of time seemed to be different from others.

I was convinced by seeing the case of Alice syndrome later.

Curved vision, imbalance, random time axis, sudden flashes and darkening

This is the world I live in.

The world, longing for sound, self-taught electronic work, modeling technology, photographic technology, and Water transfer printing are integrated and connected.
The sublimated one is my work.

【October 2017.  My artwork is posted on a website called fidelio in Hungary.  (Art Market Budapest)】

【No.6 ASA NO HA(第6号 麻の葉)】
It was published in a section column “麻の華(ASA NO HANA)" in the journal of the Kansai Traditional Performing Arts Women’s Style Promotion Association.

Affordable Art Fair Milano 2020(Milano,Italy/ Systema gallery)

Interview article